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Building an online platform from scratch
to digitize the classroom experience for learners
The Client
The Client
NewCampus helps Asia's fastest-growing companies nurture leaders who scale themselves and their teams to build the giants of tomorrow.
They provide world-class cohort-based learning for first-time managers at hypergrowth companies facing high levels of complexity, cultural diversity, and ambiguity.
NewCampus initially started their co-learning campuses in Dubai and had moved over to Singapore early 2019. They we were running dozens of different physical classes in the city-state and planned to scale their business by streamlining their processes with a more scalable solution — their entire process was built using a series of third party tools stitched together.
The idea to build a digital classroom is to help reduce the impact of geographic barriers and offer easier access and better experience for learners.
The Challenge
The Challenge
After moving their co-learning campuses from Dubai to Singapore, the NewCampus team was put on pressure to take all their classes online quickly when lockdowns started to happen in 2020.
NewCampus had 3 specific goals when building the platform:
  • Streamline User Interactions: They were using different tools to manage their learners: Zoom for their classes, Notion for documentation, and Basecamp for their campfire. Their tools were not yet unified. Rather than using a series of complex 3rd party solutions, NewCampus needed to streamline their customer's journey and allow users to browse and book classes easily on a single branded platform.
  • Increase Profits: the new platform needed to be easy to use, and integrated directly with Stripe payments to allow users to sign up for a new account and purchase memberships quickly.
  • Move all classes online: the platform has to support all online activities for NewCampus as they transition into digital classes.
Our Role
Our Role
Valhalla assembled a team of software engineers, designers and project managers:
1 Project Manager
1 Senior FullStack Developer
1 Frontend Developer
1 Backend Developer
React JS
Laravel, MySQL
AWS EC2 Instance
We created an app to manage their learners and classes. We integrated the Zoom, Notion, and Typeform APIs. We built a messaging system designed for the company needs. We also created the admin system to manage learners, schedules, and classes.
Since we integrated their tools, it is now easier for them to manage their learners and classes. There is no need for them to open different apps to start a class. Everything is unified.
Their user journey experience has also significantly improved.
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