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Case Story
Saving Gym business
despite 2020 quarantine
The Client
The Client
Co-founded by Tim West and four-time world champion Australian boxer, Danny Green, UBX (Formerly 12RND Fitness) began franchising in 2016.
In 2019, the brand expanded overseas under the name UBX Training, with the first international club opening in New Zealand. As of 2020, there are over 80 locations across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and they are due to open in the US and UK within the year.
In early 2018, UBX launched a series of technology initiatives with the purpose of engaging their customer base digitally, shifting their revenue model from strictly gym-based to a hybrid of mobile & gym-based services and engagement.
In order to achieve these technology development goals, they considered their options:
1. Expand their in-house tech team
2. Look for an offshore partner to build an extended tech team
UBX chose to partner with Valhalla to ramp up its project roadmap execution.
Then COVID-19 hit in early 2020.
The Challenge
The Challenge
There were 3 specific needs that UBX wanted:
1. Minimize subscriber churn
2. Reduce operating costs
3. Generate new sources of revenue while everyone is staying home
Our Role
Our Role
Valhalla assembled a team of software engineers, designers and project managers. Together, we designed a series of solutions to meet the needs of UBX with their CTO, David Nedvěd.
1 Project Manager
1 Designer / FullStack Developer
1 Frontend Developer
1 Backend Developer
For mobile:
React JS
Ionic, Capacitor, Swift, Java
AWS Lambda, NodeJS,
ExpressJS, DynamoDB, Firebase
We built a mobile application called TRAIN: ON DEMAND. Using this application, users automatically are given a daily set of workouts based on their equipment. It also acts as a nutrition coach, giving specific meal plans and grocery lists to users which can be adjusted based on diet specifications and goals.

While this is a paid app for new users (thus creating a new and direct income stream), it was also given to all gym subscribers for free as a way to encourage users to keep their gym membership and stay healthy during quarantine.
Repurposing the live-streaming technology we created for TRAIN:ON DEMAND, we created a portal to stream workouts simultaneously in every gym throughout the world which helped the gyms temporarily reduce expenses and helped them provide training in every gym during a time when fewer personal trainers were available.
In order to help UBX continue to attract new Franchise Owners, we built a new brochure website for them. On top of that, we also helped expand their revenue from Franchise owners by helping them build an in-house ecommerce store where franchise owners can buy equipment and supplies for their gyms.
Before we started working with UBX, they were reliant on 3rd party SAAS tools to track their memberships. This was costing them a significant amount of money, and also seriously hampered their options for crafting their customer experience.

To solve both of these problems, they wanted our help to build a long-term solution where they could track and manage the subscriptions of their members using in-house software. Additionally, the software had to be fully integrated with their existing SAAS providers so that they could create a seamless transition period as they moved users to the new system.

To accomplish this, we built a Member Management System that tracked user's gym memberships. We then built a Club Pass Authentication API that allows users to log in to all UBX applications and systems (both in the physical gyms and via digital applications).
Every three months, UBX creates a national 6-week competition for their members to get in the best shape of their lives. In order to streamline the hosting of this event, we built the Training Camp mobile application. In this application, a user can track their progress as they go through the 6-week challenge. They track their daily fitness habits, their biometrics, and whether or not they are reaching their goals. The app also hosts a leaderboard which allows users to see how they compare against other.
10,000+ members started using the application that the team built a month after it was released on Google Play and App Store.
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